I draw; therefore, I’m a drawer.

Art Club is a small, close knit community of student artists, where members are given opportunities to share their expertise, learn many different art mediums and regularly hone their aesthetic abilities with others through our Teach-N-Learn sessions. 

We also contribute to the school community through Design Requests for apparels, banners, cards and many more. Art Club also gives back to the community through hosting art-related activities for beneficiaries.

Furthermore, there are opportunities for members to visit art galleries and outdoor sketching as a breath of fresh air and bonding experience.

In the coming year, we are also looking forward to resuming Art Fest, as a collaboration with other art related CCAs!

Even if you aren’t the most confident in your art skills, don’t hesitate to join us! There’s always room to grow and we look forward to seeing what you can achieve! Please contact us through our Instagram (@hcartclub2022) to find out more!