Art Fest

A week of activities to appreciate the different forms of art through exhibits and fringe activities like workshops, coming to you May 2023.

Hosted in collaboration with the following: 

  • Art Club
  • AEP
  • Studio Ardent
  • Chinese Calligraphy
  • Weyoung

We want students to be able to express themselves creatively through artistic means which they might not usually have access to. Through Art Fest, these students will be able to interact and immerse themselves in art, giving them the opportunity to integrate art into their busy lives, which fulfills Art Club’s vision. Since students rarely have the opportunity to focus on artistry, Art Fest can bring the opportunities to them to discover their passions and learn about new art forms. Furthermore, music, writing and film are valuable art forms that rarely get any appreciation the same way art can be displayed. We believe that an art exhibition should not be limited to just static visual pieces, so as to showcase a diverse and inclusive art culture in our school.