The daily life of a HCAC member

At Hwa Chong Art Club, we aim to create long-lasting memories by providing ample opportunities for our members to express themselves, learn, and serve. Here are some activities that we conduct regularly in our Club:

  1. Merchandise sales

In large school events such as Chinese New Year, National Day or Mid-Autumn Festival, HCAC members will get the opportunity to design their own merchandise to be sold at event booths! For our previous merch sales, we’ve sold stickers and badges with themes ranging from school life to event-specific designs, bringing a smile to our fellow schoolmates on these special occasions. 😊

  1. Sharing sessions

Led by our very own students and teacher-in-charge, sharing sessions ranging from the basics of digital art to pencil sketching and inking are conducted regularly so as to open our members’ eyes to new mediums and sharpen their skills. Individuals will share more on their own area of expertise alongside some tips and tricks, giving all our members’ talents a chance to shine through.✨

  1. Design requests

As part of a new initiative launched in 2019, HCAC now accepts requests from other CCAs, SLs and Councils who require poster, banner, pamphlet or CCA jacket/shirt designs. These requests are open to all members the Club and provide the requesters with a range of designs contributed by all our members, after which are still open to any touch-up required.

To take a look at our events in greater detail, drop by our Events page 🙂

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