Sign-ups are now open! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

If you haven’t already seen the posts on our Instagram, sign-ups for interviews are now open! Please sign up on the Google Sheets over ✨here

The interviews will be conducted in a group setting during the time slot of your choice! Please also email at [email protected] us a few pieces of your works. It will serve as your portfolio so that we know what mediums you work on and get the rough gist of your artstyle 🎨

Meanwhile, we’re also carrying out a pencil sketching open session on Wednesday (which you can still attend if you have interviews on — we’ll just pull you aside for a short 15 minutes)! This will be lead by none other than our teacher-in-charge, Mr David Chong 😊

Thanks to all who’ve attended our past open sessions and interviews, and hope to see more of you guys around! 👋

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